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Loans We Offer

Whatever your dreams, we can provide the financing you need.
A sporty new car, a rugged truck, a sleek ski boat or a fishing boat, a long-needed vacation, even your home. Our members are looking for affordable loans for a wide variety of needs.

Auto and Truck Loans. Visit the Deals on Wheels section of this website. Get up to date pricing and facts about the vehicle your considering. Visit the loan calculator to find out what your payments will run.

Personal Loans. This includes loans for any reason. You may use this type of loan as overdraft protection along with your share draft (checking) account. Even though this loan carries the highest rate we have you may pay much less interest than you would elsewhere because of the quick method of repayment we have.

Visa Credit Cards. The credit union offers Visa credit cards.

Share Loans.
Borrow money against the money you have on deposit at the credit union with substantial savings over an ordinary loan.

Other loans. We also lend money for many other good reasons including boats, appliances, computers, vacations, Christmas, etc.

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